Top Seven Website Marketing Tips

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If you run a business that sells products online, it is crucial to have a website. Still, many business owners think that by simply building a website, they have done everything that is needed to boost their sales. So they hire somebody to design a nice looking website, and then they expect their sales to triple within months.

Nothing could be further away from truth, though! Hundreds of websites are created each day, and thousands of competitors are fighting for one of the few Google top spots in each industry. If you want to sell your products or services online, you will have to start promoting your website – and do that on a regular basis!

The good news is that online promotion doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a few easy things that can be done to boost your website rankings in the top search engines. Here are some of the most powerful tips that will help promote your site and won’t cost you a dime.

1. Keep website navigation simple and easy to understand. Many websites used breadcrumbs in the past, links that were informing the visitors, letting them know their current location within the site. It was a good practice, and it still being used on some websites today, but fortunately there’s an even better solution.


Everything begins with a simple, intuitive design for your site. Make sure that any website visitor can reach any page on your website by clicking his or her mouse button once or twice. That’s it! Don’t make your visitors run around and get lost; provide a pleasant user experience, and search engines will reward you for that.

2. Be sure to check your website for HTML and CSS errors. There are several sites that provide this free service, allowing you to audit your website. Fix those errors, or ask your webmaster to fix them for you – it’s usually a one-time job.


3. Remove all the images and other distracting elements at the top of your pages. Google wants you to put content there, texts that tell your website visitors what the site is about. Also, get rid of any ads that you might have placed in the upper section of your website, because they will destroy your search engine rankings.

4. Edit the title and description tags for each one of your website pages. Once again, ask your webmaster for help if you have problems doing that. Add enticing, meaningful titles and descriptions. Make sure that they persuade people, making them click your titles and arrive at your website.

5. Add a blog to your website. It’s a simple way of adding more meaningful pages to your site, and also an important online marketing promotion method. Post new content regularly, but only do that when you’ve got something interesting to say.

6. Make sure that your website is responsive, running fine on mobile devices. People are using smartphones and tablets to make purchases these days, and you don’t want them to buy from your competitors, just because they have modern websites.


7. Optimize your site, making it run as fast as lightning. Compress images, optimize code and be sure to have a fast website hosting package.

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